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  • 304 stainless sheet metal
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  • 304 ss sheet metal
  • 304 stainless plate
  • 304 stainless sheet metal
  • 304 stainless sheet price
  • 304 stainless steel plate suppliers

304 Stainless Steel Plate/Sheet

Normandy Metal, your trusted 304 stainless steel plate supplier. We offer high-quality 304 stainless sheet metal, known for its excellent corrosion resistance and formability. Whether you're in need of 304 SS sheet metal for your industrial applications or for architectural purposes, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on providing these premium products at competitive 304 sheet prices. With Normandy Metal, you can be assured of the quality and affordability of your 304 stainless sheet metal. Explore our range of 304 stainless sheet products and discover why we are a preferred choice for stainless steel supplies.

Specification Of 304 Stainless Steel Plate

Product Name304 Stainless Steel Sheet
Place of OriginChina
Thickness Range0.3-10.0MM
Thickness Tolerance± 0-5%MM
Surface ClassificationNO.1,1D,2D, 2B, N0.4, HL, BA, Mirror, and various other surface treatment states.
Grade300 Series
Lengthas per client's requirement
TechniqueCold Rolled & Hot Rolled
QualityHigh Quality Inspection
ApplicationHousehold articles, cabinets, indoor pipes, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs, auto parts, medical appliances
Brief Introdction304 stainless steel is a widely used chromium-nickel stainless steel. As a widely used steel, it has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; it has good hot workability such as stamping and bending, and has no heat treatment hardening. Phenomenon (operating temperature -196 ° C ~ 800 ° C). Corrosion-resistant in the atmosphere, if it is an industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted area, it needs to be cleaned in time to prevent corrosion. Suitable for food processing, storage and delivery. Has excellent processing performance and weldability.

Features Of 304 SS Sheet Metal

1. Good corrosion resistance: 304 has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand various strong acids, strong alkalis, salts and other chemical substances, so 304 stainless plate is widely used in food processing, chemical industry, aviation, construction and other fields.

2. High strength: 304 has good strength and toughness, and can still maintain stable mechanical properties at high temperatures.

3. Easy to process:304 stainless plate is easy to process and can be processed into various shapes by riveting, welding, cutting, stamping, bending, etc., and is suitable for various manufacturing and processing techniques

4. Good toughness:Good impact toughness and ductility, which can reduce the risk of damage due to collision.

5. Material properties: 304 sheet metal belongs to austenitic stainless steel, which has high temperature strength and good deformation processing performance. It is commonly used to make kitchen utensils, chemical equipment and medical instruments.

6. Chemical composition:The chemical composition of 304 ss sheet metal is Cr18N9, the chromium content is 18%, and the ballast is 9%. It has excellent corrosion resistance and gasification resistance, and it is not easy to rust even in high temperature and strong alkali environment corrosion.

7. Mechanical strength: 304 stainless sheet metal has high mechanical strength, and its hardness is around HB180. At high temperature, its strength remains unchanged, showing good heat resistance.

What Are 304 Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Finish?

1. 2B Finish: This finish is the most commonly used and is characterized by a smooth, reflective surface.

2. BA Finish: This is a mirror-like finish that provides BA finish stainless steel high reflectivity.

3. No.4 Finish: Stainless steel No 4 finish has a brushed appearance and provides a duller, less reflective surface.

4. Hairline Finish: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel is characterized by a long, narrow line pattern and provides a subtle, decorative effect.

5. Embossed Finish: This finish has a textured surface with raised patterns that create a decorative effect.

6. Etched Finish: This finish has a patterned surface created by acid etching, providing a decorative finish.

What Are The Applications That 304 Stainless Steel Sheet Can Be Used?

304 stainless steel sheets for sale can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

1. Food and beverage processing

The food industry uses 304 stainless steel sheets to manufacture equipment such as water heaters, boilers and water tanks.

2. Medical equipment

Hospitals use 304 stainless plates to manufacture a variety of medical equipment, including operating tables, newborn potties and incubators.

3. Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery manufacturers rely on 304 stainless sheet metal for components such as valves and pumps in their products.

4. Construction equipment

304 sheet metal is used by building contractors for the manufacture of weatherproof materials that protect buildings from rain and snow during construction or renovation.

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