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  • anti fingerprint stainless steel
  • anti fingerprint coating stainless steel
  • 201 Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel
  • anti fingerprint stainless steel
  • anti fingerprint coating stainless steel
  • 201 Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel

201 Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel

Anti-fingerprint coating is transparent and provides lasting protection for stainless steel. This excellent coating protects Stainless Steel from water, oil, dust, and fingerprints, and makes the stainless steel easy to clean.

Specification Of 201 Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel

No.1 Finish Stainless Steel Plate Grades202 / 304 / 304L / 304H / 309S / 310S / 316 / 316L / 316Ti / 317L / 321 / 321H / 347 / 347H / 904L etc.
UNS No. - UNS S30400, UNS S30403, UNS S31008, UNS S31620, UNS S31603, UNS S31603, UNS S31635, UNS S31703, UNS S32100, UNS S34700, UNS S34709, UNS S8904
EN No. - 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4845, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4438, 1.4541, 1.4550, 1.4551, 1.4539
Place of OriginChina
Thickness Range0.3-3.0MM
Thickness Tolerance± 5%MM
Surface Classification2B
Width1250 MM / 1500 MM / 2000 MM / 04 Feet / 05 Feet and Custom Cut Width as Per Requirement
LengthSteel Plate Length 2400 MM / 2420 MM / 6000 MM / 08 Feet / 10 Feet / Coil Cut and Custom Cut Length as Per Requirement
TechniqueCold Rolled
QualityHigh Quality Inspection
Application1. The surface of stainless steel is processed by advanced non-fingerprint technology to increase the beauty and durability of the stainless steel metal plate. The main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface when touching these plates, so as not to be stained with oil, sweat, etc., reducing the time for routine maintenance.
2. It is easy to clean surface stains, no metal cleaning agent is needed, and it has super anti-fouling effect.
3. Gold plating oil on the surface of fingerprint-free stainless steel has good film properties, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, pulverize, yellow, etc. Therefore, the transparent film layer on the surface of fingerprint-free stainless steel can protect the metal surface from being easily scratched .
Brief IntrodctionGenerally, on the basis of surface processing of frosting, wire drawing, and snowflake sand, oil treatment has been done. The oiling process is: high-temperature cleaning-oiling-high-temperature drying-filming, so that the surface of the stainless steel plate after processing will be There is a layer of transparent film, and it will not produce obvious fingerprints when touched with fingers, so it is also called "fingerprint-free stainless steel".

Features Of Anti-fingerprintStainless Steel Sheet

  • Anti-fingerprint adhesion, easy to clean, durable and easy to maintain

  • 2H hardness, good scratch resistance

  • Acid and alkali resistance, good scratch resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance

  • Non-toxic and mildew-proof, special environmental protection material

  • Variety of colors

What Are The Applications That Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet Can Be Used?

Fingerprint-free stainless steel plates can be used in elevators, anti-theft doors, car interiors, hotel decorations, home appliances, aerospace equipment, medical equipment, lighting, furniture, etc.

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