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  • 304 ba stainless steel
  • 304 bright annealed stainless steel

304 BA Stainless Steel

304 BA Stainless Steel is a highly versatile and widely used stainless steel that has a bright, mirror-like finish. Another name of it is 304 bright annealed stainless steel. 

304 BA stainless steel contains chromium and nickel, which give it excellent corrosion resistance and durability. This 304 bright annealed stainless steel is commonly used in applications such as architecture, automotive parts, and kitchen equipment.

Specification Of 304 BA Stainless Steel Coil

No.1 Finish Stainless Steel Plate Grades202 / 304 / 304L / 304H / 309S / 310S / 316 / 316L / 316Ti / 317L / 321 / 321H / 347 / 347H / 904L etc.
UNS No. - UNS S30400, UNS S30403, UNS S31008, UNS S31620, UNS S31603, UNS S31603, UNS S31635, UNS S31703, UNS S32100, UNS S34700, UNS S34709, UNS S8904
EN No. - 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4845, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4438, 1.4541, 1.4550, 1.4551, 1.4539
Place of OriginChina
Thickness Range0.3-3.0MM
Thickness Tolerance± 5%MM
Surface Classification2B
Width1250 MM / 1500 MM / 2000 MM / 04 Feet / 05 Feet and Custom Cut Width as Per Requirement
LengthSteel Plate Length 2400 MM / 2420 MM / 6000 MM / 08 Feet / 10 Feet / Coil Cut and Custom Cut Length as Per Requirement
TechniqueCold Rolled
QualityHigh Quality Inspection
Application304 bright annealed stainless steel has very high surface gloss and high reflectivity. Like the surface of a mirror. For household electrical appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, etc....
Brief IntrodctionBA (Bright Annealed) is a specific surface treatment produced by cold rolled stainless steel mills up to a thickness of 3.0 mm.
During production, stainless steel is annealed in an inert gas atmosphere after cold rolling. This produces a reflective, shiny, smooth surface structure which, depending on the manufacturer and batch, can approach lower quality grades of mirror-polished stainless steel.
However, stainless steel mills do not provide any guarantees, standards or tolerances for the finish of BA, and the surface quality or its gloss and reflectivity can vary from production lot to lot.

What are the Applications of 304 BA Stainless Steel?

304 BA Stainless Steel has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of kitchen equipment, food processing equipment, and dairy equipment. 304 bright annealed stainless steel is also used in architectural applications such as railing systems, wall cladding, and decorative trim. Additionally, 304 BA stainless steel is utilized in the automotive industry, chemical processing, and medical equipment.

What are the Advantages of Using 304 BA Stainless Steel? 

304 BA Stainless Steel offers several advantages. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties, making it suitable for various environments and applications. The bright, mirror-like finish provides an attractive and polished appearance. This 304 bright annealed stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for applications that require hygienic surfaces. 304 BA Stainless Steel also has good strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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