Normandy Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Normandy Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Normandy Metal Stainless Steel Service Center

1. Self-owned factory production and trade integration

Normandy Metal has a conventional stainless steel processing center (polish/sheet/slitting), and the basic stainless steel process can quickly complete the production.

2. Provide customized services

Normandy Industry is good at a variety of stainless steel surface processing techniques, and can provide refined customized services according to different requirements such as processing materials, tolerances, and surface treatments. And we will be able to provide products with different standards for different countries and regions.

3. Professional after-sale quality inspection team

Professional team, high-quality after-sales service, and professional quality inspectors track the quality throughout the process, control materials from the source, and eliminate quality problems in time to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time and with the highest quality.

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