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304 Up And Fall Frequently Switch, 201 Wholeheartedly Only Sell Low-price Steel, Today's Plate Coil Market Mixed 50-100

Nov 09 , 2022

On November 2,2022, Foshan market news, peripheral today continues to excitement, especially the stock market continues to rumors bull market thinking, and stainless steel around futures still red theme, although nickel still continue to play medicine, but the spot market has been spent in swap, QingShan peak opened 304 cold hot rolling from up to down, the market false start more than chase high, afternoon is still preferential, borrow nickel rebound, routine order traces.
Specific view, today 304 cold rolling morning QingShan agent flat quoted, the market is more than 50-100 chase high, high price, attitude wait and see, as steel opened, agent rose 100, the market also to 17000, but after 17000 blocked, atmosphere turned static, the late market began preferential 50 contribute to pay, around noon, some return to near 16900 base.
Afternoon, part continues to preferential promotion to pay, part of the timely test after invalid to return to the mainstream, just with the opening of the nickel and a straight line, the market part began to build momentum, so the deal is hot, preferential cancellation, up 50-100 again, one side is a variety of noisy, one side is in the low price jump start, the market is different performance.
Today, 304 hot rolled narrow belt and large plate morning part of the same, some chase high test, but after the opening of the QingShan peak, the market is unable to return to the preferential to promote the delivery situation, quotation and transaction more than 50-100 price difference.
In 201, hot rolling is mostly flat, cold rolling part is flat, some still have specifications 20-30 down, the market turnover is general, the later part in order to ship is still moving to the low, afternoon, some specifications to 9150 base.
430 The cold rolling price is mostly flat, the market is not obvious price fluctuations, the market shipment desire is still very strong, but the demand side is rational.

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